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Business Law Services



Coonrad & Youngblut, P.C. is a business-centric firm that provides customized legal solutions to businesses at all stages of growth. 


Anyone starting a business for the first time is faced with a lot of questions, many of which involve much more than just black letter law: What corporate form should you use to establish your business (Partnership, Corporation, LLC)? Where are you going to get funding for your start-up? How will you effectively market your business? What are reasonable lease terms to offer a landlord?


Having founded, grown, managed, invested in, counseled and sold businesses of my own, I am able to provide far more than strictly legal advice regarding the start-up of your new business. I genuinely want to help you succeed, and my unique experience can help you do just that. 


My clients receive the precisely-tailored and sophisticated legal services that the most successful businesses are provided with by their trusted in-house counsel. For emerging clients, I typically act as outsourced general counsel and provide customized legal solutions related to:

  • Corporate formation, financings and governance

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Commercial and general business matters



Generally, the purchase or sale of a business will be in the form of one of the following: an asset purchase, where the buyer purchases some or all of the seller's assets; a stock purchase, where the buyer purchases all or most of the seller's stock and "steps into the shoes" of the seller; or a merger, where two companies combine to form a single, new company.


Regardless of how the transaction is structured, however, the deal usually follows these four steps:

  1. Pre-negotiation issues

  2. Preliminary negotiations

  3. Drafting a formal agreement and pre-closing review

  4. Closing


The earlier in this process you consult an attorney, the better. The sale/purchase of a business necessarily involves negotiation, which begins from the moment of initial contact. I will make sure you know what questions to ask, what to say, and what NOT to say, to insure that you get the deal you are after. 

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